Gallery Trattoria Enzo & Piero

Our History

Marzocchi family, surrounded by a well established team and part of the same family, makes the heart of this place continue to beat, with their attention to detail and commitment to excellence mark to make it protagonist.

Our memories

The story of Enzo starts as head nurse of the CISL restaurant of Florence, where, thanks to his passion and demonstrated competence draws on himself the sympathy and esteem of leading politicians.

The Tuscan wine

The wine list counts big labels, almost all red, expression of Tuscan production, with both classical Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, both with the best Super Tuscans.

La Galleria 4 -- Trattoria Enzo & Piero La nostra tradizione

Our tradition of quality assurance

All this is carried on today by Enzo grandchildren, Aldo the cook and Francesca in the room, with his father Max, who continue to create dishes the old fashioned way Fiorentina in the simplicity of the recipes and the genuineness of ingredients and treat the cozy and traditional setting.

La Galleria 5 -- Trattoria Enzo & Piero Gino Strada

Gino Strada Famous guests from Enzo & Piero

It was a pleasure to have with us still Gino, Cecilia Road and the staff of Emergency!

La Galleria 5 -- Trattoria Enzo & Piero Toni Servillo

A Dinner with us…

Always an honor to have with us a great artist like Toni Servillo!

La Galleria 7 -- Trattoria Enzo & Piero Il nostro staff

Our staff

Aldo the cook, Francesca in the room, alongside his father Massimo …