Florentina Steak our specialty

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Florentina Steak our specialty – Florence

The Florentine, is a cut of cow meat, traditionally Chianina, tall and with a central bone in the shape of T, which is obtained from the loin, which was the portion that corresponds to the lumbar vertebrae. It is one of the most famous Tuscan dishes, and is very ancient indeed you are still unable to establish a precise date. But he knows a tradition that has made it famous: in the Renaissance period during the feast of San Lorenzo, August 10, the Medici family was roasting large amounts of meat, the traditional bonfire, which then distributed to the population . But not everyone can cook it as it should, and then it often happens that this, or is too thin, or overcooked. But if you follow, step by step, this simple guide on how to grill the Florentine, you will see that you will make a very good, to be served at lunch or dinner with friends and family.

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